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Test your english

Junior, Senior?

Metti subito alla prova il tuo inglese..

con il nostro test!


Test your english!

ESERCIZIO N°1: scegli la risposta esatta!

A: Hello. What's name?

B: It's Mary. What's yours?

A: It's John. I'm a taxi driver do you do?

B: I'm a .

I work the “Washington Times”.

A: Oh, you American?

B: Well, I born in England but I  to America when I was  

Where you come from?

A: Manchester but I in London now because of my job. There weren't

jobs in Manchester so I came to London.

B: I see. you like a cigarette?

A: No, thanks. I smoke. How  cigarettes do you smoke a day?

B: Oh, about 25. you ever smoked?

A: No, I think is very unhealty.

ESERCIZIO N°2: scegli la risposta esatta!

Assistant: Good morning, sir! I help you?

Customer: I a pair of brown shoes.

Assistant: Certainly. size do you take?

Customer: Well, that might a problem. Size 11.

Assistant: you like to take a seat while I have a look?

Yes I'm afraid is only one pair available 
the moment. Is the kind of shoes you're looking  ?

Customer: No, it . I'm afraid I'd prefer something simpler.

Assistant: I'm sorry. are the only shoes we have in  size.

We don't sell many size 11 shoes, so we haven't got big choice of styles.
But you try our main shop in Oxford Street, you may find a wider selection
shoes there.


ESERCIZIO N°3: scegli la risposta esatta!

Dear Sarah,
I'm sorry I to you for such a long time but I've been very busy with our new house.
It's just two months since we  It's an old farmhouse that in the 18th Century.
It's our other house and has a a very big garden.

Now that work is finished come and visit us one weekend?
stay with my daughter-in-law this Sunday, but the weekend after that we'll be at home.
Anyway, please phone me and let me know if you can come. By the way, I in Liverpool last week when I met Sandra Lane.
You remember her, ? She was at university with us. Anyway, she now lives in Liverpool. Well, I must stop now.
If I don't send this letter immediately, it miss the afternoon post.
Give my love to Giovanni and the children.
P.S. Sam and I italian since last September so we can practise with Giovanni when you come here!


ESERCIZIO N°4 (trova la frase che abbia lo stesso senso della prima)

This is the very first time I've ever eaten caviar.

“Will you finish the report?” Jim asked Paul.

I don't smoke now. I gave it up.

Take your umbrella. It may rain.

Take my advice. Go to the doctor.

He saw the flames. Then he called the fire brigade.

“I'm hungry.” said Jim.

You should write to him

“I'll see Bill later”, said Susan.

I started studying Russian four years ago.



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